About ME

Veena Joseph

I have 12-plus years of experience in Operations, HR, Change Management and People development. I believe in the development and transformation of people and organisations through listening, partnering, powerful questioning and presence. My Purpose is to support women in every season of their life, embrace their unique selves and live in their purpose and help them reinvent themselves in situations of transition and change. I help people in their chaos to see patterns and a path of clarity. To focus on women who have been through migration and support them to focus on themselves and their mental health. I challenge people and organisations to move towards their better versions through coaching and training programmes. Here are some areas of transformation.

  • Struggling /Juggling to Be intentional

🔥 From feeling low in self-esteem to becoming confident with who they are.

🔥 From being a follower of others to becoming intentional in their own path.

  • Overwhelmed to Clarity

🔥From feeling confused to becoming clearer.
🔥From doing all to having healthy boundaries.
🔥From being overwhelmed to having focus.

🔥From dreaming to making actions to achieve them

  • Clueless to Forming a unique process

🔥From being performance oriented to purpose-oriented.

🔥From being externally strong to becoming vulnerable.
🔥 From being avoidant to being able to face their problems.
🔥 From being misunderstood to being able to communicate who they are.

  • Neglecting Self Self-compassion and incremental progress

🔥From denying self-love to self-care.
🔥From being problem-focused to solution-oriented.

How do I do this?

For Individuals:
🔥Individual Coaching Sessions
🔥Support Groups

For Organisations:
🔥 Group Coaching Sessions
🔥Training Programme Development
🔥Launching developmental Programmes within organisations

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Ignite - Individual Coaching Sessions

We offer indidvidual coaching to people who feel like they are running in circles and feel stuck. You want to move forward and need support with that. We help you in areas of work, relationship and habits. With deep empathy and a understanding listening ear we believe obstacles can be brought down together. 

Discover Your Purpose

When you know WHO you are, and WHERE you are going, and WHY you are doing what you do—you have the VISION to succeed, and the PASSION to proceed daily, regardless of situation or circumstance.

What is your meaning for your being ? We help you discover these aspects of you and apply them in your life.  

Career Transition

Helping expat spouses in tailoring their foreign experience to be relevant in the Netherlands.

CV review and Linkedin support

Helping those who are thinking of a switch to another field

Helping you find clarity in your career choices

Student and Young Adults Support - Emerge

 Generation Z, also known as the Digital Natives . The average Gen Zer received their first mobile phone at age 10.3 years. They have grown up in a hyper-connected world and the smartphone is their preferred method of communication. On average, they spend 3 hours a day on their mobile device. This highly aware generation technology wise have their challenges in emerging adults as they understand themselves and the world around them. Coaching can help them navigate these changes and challenges while the focus will be on empowering them make better decisions.

Workshops and Training

Talk to us for transformative workshops for your corporate teams in areas of Transformation, An Introduction to Dutch Culture, Overcoming Stress through Neuroscience,Using Coaching skills for Managers.