Growth Consulting Sessions for SME’s

As a Small or a Medium Enterprise you have successfully grown in the past years or you are just starting off. You have belief in your product or service.You and your management team are likely spending too much time working IN the business rather than ON it. You may have great ideas on how to improve things but little time to make the changes.

These changes and questions can vary from,

Needing expertise in Communicatiing your processes and procedures

Having messy Administrative processes.

How to engage stakeholders?

How do we grow to the next level?

Recruiting the right team members and talent.

Lack of time to focus on Areas needing attention

How to produce effectiveness, quality and growth in alignment?

What can we do for this?

We go through a Growth Consultative session to understand your needs and we follow to specifically help SME’s. We strive to provide you with growth in 3 major areas

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Focused Strategy
  • Growth in Business

How do we do this?

What are the key processes in your business?

 How do you track the health of your business?

 Do you have strategic, seasonal goals for the business?

 Is your approach to change reactive, fighting fires or proactive in building the business?


Business Support Services

Offering Smart Soutions

Businesses encounter everyday operational challenges. Unclear processes and procedures can hamper the speed in which you offer your services. We help you overcome these challenges through a consultative process. 

 How do we do this?

  1. We release enterpreneurs of administrative tasks
  2. Follow up Communication
  3. Communicate and gather input from Stakeholders
  4. Create strong Stakeholder Management Plans
  5. Create Marketing Plans
  6. Manage Projects that you donot have the time to handle
  7. Clarify and Maintain your website content
  8. Create Forms and policy documents through a research approach
  9. Conduct Interviews and Gather Feedback
  10. Set goals together and keep you accountable

Talk to us specifically for what you are looking for, we go through a collaborative approach to transform your business.

We also involve other experts and connect you with the right people for solutions.



We have been working with Veena for 2 years already and she has been a great help to us. She helps us a lot in discussing problems that we encounter in the business, and she provides clear and smart plans to help us go on in the business. Veena is a wonderful person to work with. She has a positive attitude and is a quick learner. She is also very professional and can work independently.

Lucy Lu,

Founder, Sunshine Au Pair