I recently received a survey that I could complete voluntarily.

It was frustrating to see a bunch of questions put together with a bunch of options.

Surveys and Questionnaires are powerful tools that can help researchers or business owners extract valuable information.

Some Survey building tips

What is the goal and purpose of the survey?

Be precise and clear on this one Is the question valuable, simple and understandable?

The questions should speak to the audience Are the options clear and precise?

Check to see if options are based on subjective answers you would give to the question.

Does it address a busy audience who have a minute or two? Keep it short and easy to answer.

Too many open ended questions is a indication of a ineffective survey.

Will the results add value to your business or research?

The results should generate suggestions that will directly add value.

Give your Survey/Questionnaires some serious thought.

What are other things to keep in mind, please comment.