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  Our Story

Forerunners was birthed through Veena’s transformational journey.

The Meaning

A  forerunner is someone or something that came before and paved the way for   something today.

Forerunners is the birthing of a dream that was in Veena for the last 15 years. It was  found through a journey of self-discovery, transition and change. Through this journey of   discovery Veena was led to use her experiences, skills and abilities to serve people and businesses in discovering their dream and moving forward in their purpose.

The Logo represents a flame from which a phoenix is being reborn. Transformation from ashes to beauty, this is the kind of transformation we would like our clients to experience.

The Journey

After completing her Masters in Business Administration, Veena spent over 12 years  engaging in various roles in banking ,education, small businesses and the Non profit sector. She trained to become a Coach in 2016. She has completed Coaching Mastery Program approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Our Purpose

In every experience Her purpose lies in helping people transform. Our vision is to help women navigate every season of their life and explore paths of self discovery and live their purpose. For businesses to push their limits and grow into organisations of purpose. To go beyond the comfortable or the expected and create a difference as a business.

We want to go on a journey of transformation with our clients paving the way into a better version.

What we have been upto

In 2018 Forerunners Consulting & Coaching came into existence.She has been since engaged as a Programme Manager, supporting Sunshine Au Pair, an IND sponsor agency helping young adults participate in culture exchange programme run by the IND. She has since supported 100’s of  Au Pairs during their culture exchange year in her role as an external coach and helped the agency move to their next level of growth as a process consultant.

She is also the co founder of a online Women’s community called SheSustains. She has helped run events through this community to support and empower Women.

What are you waiting for?

Are you running a race without knowing who you are? Do you seek to transform as a person or as a business ?

Forerunners wants to ignite that transformation that you have been longing for.



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