What Do We Do ?

Business Process Consulting

To make a cake we should follow a process….

Source the ingredients – Measure the ingredients – Mix the sugar, butter and eggs – Sieving the – flour – Adding the flour , baking powder – Mixing to batter consistency – Preheating the oven – Baking for the correct time – Checking your cake is done –

And you have your cake and can eat it too

Why are Streamlined processes important?

With growth , comes complexity and the old way of getting things done might not work. This can cause delays in delivering services or products  and making decisions. It results in  unclear or frustrated team members and possible conflicts.

We create operational clarity for Small and Medium Businesses in helping them make small to big changes.  To get your product or service to the end customer, streamlined processes are necessary.


How do we do this?

  1. We evaluate existing processes
  2. Analyse processes in alignment to your goals
  3. Communicate and gather input from Stakeholders
  4. Identify process and communication gaps
  5. Improve processes and remove redundant processes
  6. Automate processes
  7. Implement , Monitor the new processes and obtain feedback
  8. Standardize Procedures that promotes continuous improvement
  9. We also offer outsourcing services for certain processes like HR processes and Stake Holder communication.

Stake Holder Management

The lifeline of businesses is their stakeholders. Identifying them, building communication plans to engage them are vital for businesses. We help SME’s manage their stakeholders through continuous feedback surveys or interviews. Creating communication plans to continuously get input that can help the business. Engaging Stakeholders building strong relationships.


How do we do this?

  1. Feedback Interviews/Calls
  2. Customer Surveys
  3. Employee Surveys
  4. Creating communication plans
  5. Following up with Stakeholders
  6. Translating the collected information into action plans

Onboarding and Recruitment Support

If you are a SME without your own onboarding support. We help you onboard your employees or team members through creating Welcome Handbooks, helping employees settle in your team with practical help and support.

We also conduct recruitment interviews and provide feedback about candidates, including providing referral check support.

Team Coaching and Training

Ongoing support for development for your teams and employees, bringing out the best in them. A developed and happy team will contribute better. We create workshops for Corporates to help teams face the challenges of the dynamic business environment. We believe in development for all.


  1. Embracing Change & Transition
  2. Reinventing in Uncertainty
  3. Communicating effectively in a diverse culture
  4. Navigating work relationships and managing conflicts
  5. The Power of Team
  6. Wellbeing – Preventing Burnout and Stress

Individual coaching for Change Seekers


Not in his goals but in his transitions man is great.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who are Change Seekers?

If you are someone who is desperate to change the way you live. You are feeling stuck and want to move on. To change your career, habits and outlook in life. We offer individual coaching sessions. We act as a sounding board listening and asking the right questions in supporting you find answers and direction.

We especially love working with people wanting to discover their purpose in life. We believe that there is so much purpose and potential in every one of you. We help you tap into that potential and purpose.

We coach people wanting to take the plunge but do not know how.

Business Owners – Sounding Board

Entrepreneurs often working on their own or with limited team members often feel lonely in their journey. I would love to be a sounding board, listening to the ideas and struggles.

For NPO’s – At Forerunners we believe in giving back. We are interested in helping out NPO in Workshops and Training events.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Veena conducts continuous coaching for IND Cultural Exchange Programme Au Pairs on ‘Culture, Care and Navigating relationships’

She shared at the Women Economic Forum on 3 ways of Navigating Uncertainty Successfully

And shared on Reinvention  and Living in your purpose at the Women Empowerment Event conducted by Centre for African Justice, Peace and Human Rights.

Invite Veena for a Speaking Engagement, she is interested in sharing her story and experiences to women.