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Individual Transformation Coaching


Inside Out

Do you feel stuck in life, running in cirlces and lack clarity.

You recognise that there is dissisatisfaction in some areas of your life, but you hang in there, tolerate and go on. And some event or just plain exhaustion brings you to a breaking point, you cannot go further. There will be excuses of it not being the right time and other obstacles.

Make the decision to take that first step in your transformation. Change looks like huge mountain climb, but with support and empathy,evryone has a chance for a full life. Life is too short to spend years in discontent and unhappiness.

We help you transform in your work,relationships and habits or behaviour.


Discover Your Purpose

If you are a SME without your own onboarding support. We help you onboard your employees or team members through creating Welcome Handbooks, helping employees settle in your team with practical help and support.

We also conduct recruitment interviews and provide feedback about candidates, including providing referral check support.

Students and Young Adults Support

Our world is rapidly changing and a report issued by the Institute of future suggests that 85 percent of the jobs in 2030 is still not invented.Teens and Young Adults stepping into the world of prepering for the future find it daunting. There are so many things that were comfortable that is taken off and they face the pressure of preparing themselves for their vocation. How do we support our young generation for an uncertain future?

Working with young adults from all over the world through the culture exchange programme helped me understand that skills like resilience,creativity,empathy, personal leadership and cultural intelligence must be priority over gaining academic excellence. Real world experiences play a top priority in this process.

In ages past elders have led youth through rites of passage. A young person undergo a transition into adulthood through a coming of age activity. It often involves leaving the comfort of normal life and entering into situations where skills are pruned. On successful completion of the activity they enter back to their normal  but with skills needed to function as an adults.

In the current times this process is school camps and internships. But the underslying psychological process is not addressed . This causes an inablity to express onself to the family and in school.

We support teens and young adults talk through their struggles and discomfort of going through this transition. We help them assess skills they need to prune, get to know themselves bettr and use tools to embrace this process with empathy.

We help them develop a good sense of identity,values and purpose that gives them clarity.

Career Transition Support

Business Support Services

We offer support services to businesses in the following areas

Offering Smart Soutions

Businesses encounter everyday operational challenges. Unclear processes and procedures can hamper the speed in which you offer your services. We help you overcome these challenges through a consultative process. 

 How do we do this?

  1. We release enterpreneurs of administrative tasks
  2. Follow up Communication
  3. Communicate and gather input from Stakeholders
  4. Create strong Stakeholder Management Plans
  5. Create Marketing Plans
  6. Manage Projects that you donot have the time to handle
  7. Clarify and Maintain your website content
  8. Create Forms and policy documents through a research approach
  9. Conduct Interviews and Gather Feedback
  10. Set goals together and keep you accountable

Talk to us specifically for what you are looking for, we go through a collaborative approach to transform your business.

We also involve other experts and connect you with the right people for solutions.

Business Owners – Sounding Board

Entrepreneurs often working on their own or with limited team members often feel lonely in their journey. I would love to be a sounding board, listening to the ideas and struggles.


Workshops and Training

Ongoing support for development for your teams and employees, bringing out the best in them. A developed and happy team will contribute better. We create workshops for Corporates to help teams face the challenges of the dynamic business environment. We believe in development for all.


  1. Embracing Change & Transition
  2. Reinventing in Uncertainty
  3. Communicating effectively in a diverse culture
  4. Navigating work relationships and managing conflicts
  5. The Power of Team
  6. Wellbeing – Preventing Burnout and Stress