Most times peoole just donot see the need for change or transformation directly. These are a few indications that can help you see the need.

1. You are not happy – Everything may be going okay in life but you are not happy. You also have other by product emotions of unhappiness like frustration, bitterness and more.

2. You are tired – your body does not feel active, a sense of tiredness exists the whole day evrn though you rest and sleep well. You feel restless!

3. Your conversations are filled with complain – you hear yourself complain more about little to big things .

4. I love this one ! You see the need for change in others – you see how much your boss , spouse or the society needs change. It really is not a little thought. You feel frustrated that they dont change.

5. You have less focus and are confused.

6. The quality of your work is dipping. The work that were driven to do, you barely finish.

7. You feel motivation in doing things you love.

Are ready to explore a shift in your mindset, habits, career, lifestyle or behaviour.Sensing the need for a change is the first step towards making one.
What are your thoughts on this?