A personal journey of transformation:

My name is Irene Kyazze. I am from Uganda. I left Uganda to follow my Husband to his work station first to Arusha in Tanzania and then to the Hague, where we currently live with our three children. Before I left Uganda, my career was steadily advancing. I was coordinating a Parliamentary Forum for Peace in the great lakes region. However, once I left Uganda, my career stalled and I became a stay home mum for several years, with a plan that when my last born starts attending school fulltime, then I can get back to work. In September 2020, my last born did start school full time, however I felt stuck, because I did not know where to start career wise. I lacked the confidence and felt like I had lost my skills and was not employable. I did not even know which direction to take, whether I wanted to continue in the career that I was at before I left work, or I wanted to transition into another career.

Through coaching, I wanted to discover my passion and then find a career that was related to it, so that I could find a job that I love. I also wanted to find out how I could transition from one career to another, if I needed to and therefore get my career back on track.

After the first coaching session, I discovered my personality type and how it could fit into either my current career or my career of choice. Through coaching, I reflected on my three possible careers of choice, what I liked and didn’t like about each of them and eventually zeroed in on my preferred choice. By the end of the coaching sessions, I was clear beyond doubt which  career path I wanted to take and even what my purpose in life is. The coaching sessions enabled me to make a decision on a career path that fitted in with my purpose in life as well as my passion.

Having taken the coaching sessions, I am  now very confident about which direction I would like my life to take career wise. I have also set goals for myself towards improving on and acquiring the necessary skills in my desired career field, as well as taking the necessary steps to find a job.

Some of the limiting beliefs I tackled through the coaching sessions were: The imposter syndrome that told me that since my career had stalled for some time, I lacked the necessary skills for the job market. I also told myself that I was not employable because of the huge gap in my career.

To someone that feels stuck in any area of their lives, be it career, business or in discovering your purpose in life, I would recommend booking a few coaching sessions, most especially with Veena from Forerunners Consulting, to discover yourself and which direction you would like your life to take. I can guarantee you that these sessions will greatly benefit you. You will discover your personality, challenge your self-limiting beliefs, set goals for yourself as well as feel more confident about the path that you would like to take.