In the words of Mackenzie Devers, a student and intern for SheSustains event.

“This event promoted a safe space for women to connect, support, and nourish one another with their own stories and make an impact on one another. Since I have just moved to the Netherlands for the summer from the United States for University, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet a lot of people outside of my school. Thankfully, I was approached by this opportunity to work with Christy , founder of UnikBlends and co host of the event, which left me with feelings of comfort and motivation; as well as beautiful accessories and luxury soaps!!

Joining the event were artists and creators who set up their items for shop and sale. It was great getting the opportunity to meet the designers on a personal level and hear their own story and connect their background to their amazing work. From this event I learned that stories are not only presented in words, but are also captured in material goods that are passed onto new owners who cherish the artistry of the items and the history embedded within. The items I purchased will forever remind me of the beautiful individuals who made them.

Thank you so much to Christy Aikhorin-Vandu & Veena Raju Joseph for bringing together such a diverse and powerful group of women to engage with one another and dedicate our time towards lifting each other up. A majority of us have come from completely different pasts and yet we have all found ourselves together for a common purpose and shared moments we will bring into the future” xoxo ♥️♥️ @ The Hague, Netherlands

Video- highlights from the event

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