We ignite transformations….what does that mean? Is it change?

Transformation is deeper than any external change, it is a new way of being.

Healing from the old patterns.

Allowing learnt perspectives, beliefs and mindsets to be challenged, shifted or accepted.

All transformation is change but not all change is transformation.

Forming new perspectives, making changes in behavior ,attitudes and way of being. So changes in the way we do things is an automatic response to the inside out change that we commit to consciously.

This is what coaching does is creates a space to create awareness ,reflect, question, make way for a new way of being.

Let’s take the story of Erica, she wanted to become confident and less shy. As we explored, Erica realised that she was an introvert and that was not accepted in her culture. This made her less confident in social situations and she felt pressure to perform.

She also learnt that she loves to connect with people but in different ways and also saw she was already doing that in some capacity.

This freed her and helped her reconstruct acceptance of her personality and consciously decided to use strategies that works for HER and not necessarily the way others wanted it to be.

This not only made her confident but brought her to awareness of much more.

This is a beginning of a larger journey than just achieving a few goals in a transactional way. In this way transformational coaching is unique.

(Name has been fictionalized in the story)

The great transformational coaching question is therefore, “Who do you choose to be?” and what makes the process transformational is learning and doing what it takes to grow into the embodiment of that choice in being.

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