Last March I spoke on the topic Embracing Uncertainty at the Women Economic Forum event in Amsterdam. Little did I know what kind of uncertainty is going to be faced by the entire world.
Sharing some responses and shifts that I shared during the talk.These were derived from my own personal journey with uncertainty.
1. Shifting Focus: Shifting focus from the uncertainty or the crisis itself and being in the moment. Right now with kids and families being at home a lot more. Focus on family time, Focus on well being physical and mental. Focus on helping others wherever possible.
2.Pivoting: Do you play basketball, then you know what I am talking about. A Pivot is a rotating movement, with your pivot foot fixed in the floor. It helps the player find an opening in the court to make a shot, make a pass or dribble towards the basket. Keeping your identity and values in place, how can you pivot to find an opening during this time of uncertainty?
3.Fear-Obstacles-Firefighting to Knowing your value: We see this response all around us right now. There is a lot of fear and panic that has caused people to hoard. We try to survive this through firefighting, instead of taking the time to go deeper within ourselves. What was the value in your normal life before Corona? What is the value right now?
4.Moving from knocking every door of opportunity to Knowing your Purpose:
A normal response to an uncertain situation like job loss is to knock every opportunity, try doing everything you can. Instead why not take some time in understanding your purpose. There are many ways to do this.
5.Risk Assessing to Acting in Risk: We are right now assessing every risk we have in terms of health,economy and future. How can you act knowing the risk? What the future holds we don’t know but we have right now.If your working with your last client for this month, how can you make an impact that leaves a lasting effect.
6.Travelling with a map to travelling with a compass:
Travelling with your GPS tells you every right and left you have to go. Also warns you of what is coming next. In an uncertain period this is not available. This is the opportunity to learn to navigate with a compass. Where you know the direction but don’t know every detail. Maps require discipline but Compasses cultivate empowerment.
7.Digging Deeper :Life Question: What if all I had left was just myself?
Difficult to imagine this but what all things around you are uncertain. The only thing you have is you, how will you respond?
I believe this season of uncertainty for the world, nations and economies will bring a lot of change in the way we live. This is an opportunity to reinvent the way we do life. Embrace this season,you are not alone.